You need to know – You should read…Florida Statute 475 for free!

YouNeedToKnowWeb500At a presentation from the folks at the DBPR who manage the state examination we learned that students are encouraged to read the statute that governs Florida real estate licensing

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You need to know – What is the Florida Real Estate Commission?

YouNeedToKnowWeb500The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC for short) is an administrative agency that was established in 1925 to administer and enforce the real estate license law

It’s 7 members are appointed by the Governor for a term of 4 years and are subject to confirmation by the State Senate

  • 4 members must have been actively licensed real estate brokers for at least 5 years before their appointment
  • 1 member may be actively licensed real estate individual who has been licensed for at least 2 years before their appointment
  •  2 members cannot hold or cannot ever have held a real estate license before their appointment; these re known as the ‘lay members’ or ‘consumer members’ and their role is to provide public input to the commission

One of the members must be at least 60 years old

Members can serve an unlimited number of terms, however members can only serve 2 consecutive terms