You need to know – You should read…Florida Statute 475 for free!

YouNeedToKnowWeb500At a presentation from the folks at the DBPR who manage the state examination we learned that students are encouraged to read the statute that governs Florida real estate licensing

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Understanding the answer key

If you’re an AskFrances student, part of our approach involves you completing sets of sample exam questions using our online resources

In many cases you don’t see the results of your work right away, but we review your answers, grade your work and report back to you the next morning

We send you an individual report or answer key for every set of sample questions you complete

This is a pdf file and can be many pages long, depending upon the number of questions you have completed

On the answer key, reading from the top:

  • The question is in green…
  • Below that is the CORRECT answer
  • Below the correct answer is YOUR ANSWER
  • Below your answer is TRUE if you answered correctly, or FALSE if you got the question wrong