You need to know – You should read…Florida Statute 475 for free!

YouNeedToKnowWeb500At a presentation from the folks at the DBPR who manage the state examination we learned that students are encouraged to read the statute that governs Florida real estate licensing

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Getting the most out of the AskFrances resources

As you know, I ask my students to let me know when they pass their state exam

I’m often told how helpful this site was as they closed in on the testing date; so I thought it would be useful to give a short guide on how to get the most out of the free resources available here

Remember that AskFrances for Students is designed to be used on computers and mobile devices, so you can jump on here from your smart phone or tablet anytime and from anywhere to continue to add to your knowledge

  • test your comprehension of the subject area by reviewing the questions that I’ve posted – pick any category from the right side of the screen and confirm your understanding as you review the questions and answers by subject area. There are over 200 specific subject-related questions for you to review
  • understand the content of the exam – read the Candidate Information Booklet, the 61-J2 Rules and Florida Statute 475; the Examination Preparation category contains a number of other valuable resources
  • develop and practice your question-answering technique so that when you take the state examination you are able to quickly and effectively understand what is being asked

Remember that I’m always willing to answer any specific questions that you may have on the subject matter for the state exam – just post a question on the site

Happy Studying and good luck in your state real estate examination!

Understanding the answer key

If you’re an AskFrances student, part of our approach involves you completing sets of sample exam questions using our online resources

In many cases you don’t see the results of your work right away, but we review your answers, grade your work and report back to you the next morning

We send you an individual report or answer key for every set of sample questions you complete

This is a pdf file and can be many pages long, depending upon the number of questions you have completed

On the answer key, reading from the top:

  • The question is in green…
  • Below that is the CORRECT answer
  • Below the correct answer is YOUR ANSWER
  • Below your answer is TRUE if you answered correctly, or FALSE if you got the question wrong

State increases exam questions to 103!

Effective September 2013, there will be 103 questions on the State examination, up from the 100 questions previously asked

But don’t worry, you will only be scored on 100 qs

What is going on, I hear you ask?

Well the folks at the DBPR who manage the examination are piloting some new questions and want to test them with actual candidates before putting them into the examination

If you take the exam you will not know which questions are being piloted but they will be excluded from your final score

This shouldn’t be of any concern to a student who is well prepared for their State exam – especially those who have taken advantage of my Exam Preparation packages!

Good luck with your studies…