You need to know – What is real property?

YouNeedToKnowWeb500The law categorizes property into 2 broad areas:

  1. Real property which cannot be moved and includes land and any improvements made to it (such as buildings); this is also commonly referred to as real estate
  2. Personal property which is not attached to real property can be moved and includes furniture, clothing, motor vehicles; this is sometimes referred to as chattels

The Florida Statute 475 definition is:

“Real property” or “real estate” means any interest or estate in land and and any interest in business enterprises or business opportunities, including any assignment, leasehold, subleasehold, or mineral right; however, the term does not include any cemetery lot or right of burial in any cemetery; nor does the term include the renting of a mobile home lot or recreational vehicle lot in a mobile home park or travel park

Real property includes the legal bundle of rights to own and use the property