You need to know – You should read… the rules in 61J2 for free!

YouNeedToKnowWeb500As you know, the legal framework for real estate brokers and sales associates is enshrined in Ch 475 of the Florida Statutes

The Department of Business & Professional Regulation interprets and implements Ch 475 F.S. and is responsible for writing a part of the Florida Administrative Code, that is known as Division 61J2

At a recent presentation from the folks at the DBPR who manage the state examination we learned that students are encouraged to read the rules set by the commission that apply to Florida real estate licensing

As we’ve said before, the DBPR wants students to pass their Florida real estate exam and does all it can to help you

The 100+ rules in 61J2 describe such things as the fees and penalties that the DBPR is empowered to set under the statute, and are changed from time to time as the commission feels fit

There is no doubt that by reading the current rules you will enhance your knowledge of the terminology used on the exam and thereby increase your chances of passing

This as all available for free and you will find that reading the relevant rule will clarify any confusion you may have in your studies…

To read the current rules, click here

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