Getting the most out of the AskFrances resources

As you know, I ask my students to let me know when they pass their state exam

I’m often told how helpful this site was as they closed in on the testing date; so I thought it would be useful to give a short guide on how to get the most out of the free resources available here

Remember that AskFrances for Students is designed to be used on computers and mobile devices, so you can jump on here from your smart phone or tablet anytime and from anywhere to continue to add to your knowledge

  • test your comprehension of the subject area by reviewing the questions that I’ve posted – pick any category from the right side of the screen and confirm your understanding as you review the questions and answers by subject area. There are over 200 specific subject-related questions for you to review
  • understand the content of the exam – read the Candidate Information Booklet, the 61-J2 Rules and Florida Statute 475; the Examination Preparation category contains a number of other valuable resources
  • develop and practice your question-answering technique so that when you take the state examination you are able to quickly and effectively understand what is being asked

Remember that I’m always willing to answer any specific questions that you may have on the subject matter for the state exam – just post a question on the site

Happy Studying and good luck in your state real estate examination!