Geoff’s 6 Steps

That old British guy that I sometimes mention in my classes has got so many people through tough examinations that it’s scary

(he started his education work in London during the 1970s by helping aspiring accountants pass their public examinations; more recently he has taught Florida mortgage license classes)

From experience we know that many students needlessly lose between 5 and 10 marks on their state examination

You may know the subject matter but it is soooo easy to click on the wrong answer option on the screen during the examination

This is Geoff”s highly successful prescription for making sure that you don’t lose any marks by picking the wrong answer option on the big day

We’ve produced a printable summary of the 6 steps to keep by your side as you practice questions before your day at the testing center.  Use the comment field at the bottom of this page to get the download link

1 – Read the Question

Take your time to read the question.  Don’t worry about the answer options at this stage, just read the question slowly and deliberately and make sure that you clearly understand what the examiner is asking

Don’t worry about how long it takes you to read the question – we’ve never heard of anybody who has run out of time on a real estate examination

2 – Read ALL the Answer Options

Take your time to read ALL the answer options

Many students click on the first option that looks right and then move on to the next question without realizing that the best – and correct – option is often placed last in the list by the examiner

Keep cool and don’t worry about how long this might take

3 – Read the Question AGAIN

Now read the question AGAIN and this time confirm that you really understand what the examiner is asking

You should also identify any distractors that the examiner has placed in the question to throw you off

4 – Apply your Knowledge

Now that you have a really great grasp of what the examiner is asking and have eliminated those nasty distractors, apply the knowledge you have gained in your studies to determine the answer

5 – Read ALL the Answer Options AGAIN

This may seem a little redundant, but now that you have applied your knowledge to the question you will be able to eliminate the couple of answer options that are way off base and zero in on the most likely correct answers

6 – Make your Selection

Finally, after you’ve really understood the question, eliminated any distractors, applied your knowledge and eliminated those off base answer options select the best answer option and move on to the next question

We know that if you get in the habit of following these 6 steps for every question you will not lose those 5 to 10 marks that many students throw away

In many cases that’s the difference between passing and having to come back and take the examination all over again!

Use the comment field below and we’ll send you a link to download a printable summary of Geoff’s 6 Steps

17 thoughts on “Geoff’s 6 Steps

  1. I have found I make a lot of mistakes on the practice questions because I haven’t read the question properly.

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