Know your ‘…ees’ and ‘…ors’

Assignee & Assignor

The assignee is a person who receives a legal right from another (such as an investor who buys a mortgage and note on the secondary market)

The assignor is a person who transfers a legal right to another (such as a buyer who transfers the rights in a sale contract)

Grantee & Grantor

The grantee is the party receiving the deed who acquires title in the transaction (such as the buyer in a sales contract)

The grantor is the party giving the deed that conveys title (such as the seller in a sales contract)

Lessee & Lessor

The lessee is the tenant who receives the lease

The lessor is the landlord who gives the lease

Lienee & Lienor

The lienee is the person whose property is subject to a charge (a lien) by another

The lienor is the person who has a claim (the lien) on the property of another

Mortgagee & Mortgagor

The mortgagee is the lender who receives the note and mortgage

The mortgagor is the borrower who gives the note and mortgage to obtain a loan

Offeree & Offeror

The offeree is the seller who receives an offer to purchase and who can accept, counter or reject the offer

The offeror is the buyer who makes an offer to purchase

Optionee & Optionor

The optionee is the buyer who receives an option contract from a seller

The optioned is the owner who gives an option to a buyer

Vendee & Vendor

The vendee is the buyer in a sale contract

The vendor is the seller in a sale contract